CO2 diagram

Kiribati is a small Pacific nation under the threat of rising sea levels. Global warming has begun to affect the lives of the people of Kiribati. Two small uninhabited atolls disappeared beneath the sea. Warmer water is upsetting the coral

Olden Times in Howick

 On Tuesday the 4th of April Mr La Roche came to BBPS.  He told us about the Olden Times in Howick and when the Irish people came to Auckland. At the time of 1840 they made their own village. They

Our Trip to Macleans Reserve

Our Trip to Macleans reserveOn Friday 12th of February Room 2 went to Macleans Reserve to test the water.   We walked there in different groups.  I was in Oliver's group with Alex H,Victoria and Xavier.When we arrived Sally and

Greenhouse gases

The temperature is rising dramatically over the past years. The reason this is caused is because of greenhouse gases.  It is called the greenhouse gas effect.The greenhouse gas effect is being caused by cars, factories, burning fuel or oil and

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My Life as a Water Drop

I’ve been in this massive ocean for one thousand years, feeling bored and squashed and rather cold.Finally it was my turn to evaporate into the beautiful blue sky and I feel as light as oxygen.  Finally after a long journey


Lighting is a source of electricity. Fork lighting has jagged lines sticking out like a fork. Lighting can illuminate clouds.. Ball lighting is a bright flash of electricity. If lighting is about to strike somewhere that you are close to

How Big Is Your Footprint?

The greenhouse effect is the trapping of the warmth and making our planet warmer and warmer.  Fertilizers, cars, helicopters, planes and animals contribute to the greenhouse effect.   The greenhouse effect is where factories and fires produce smoke and the

Greenhouse effect

The greenhouse effect traps the sun’s Rays and makes our planet warmer and warmer. Factories, cars, animals and planes contribute to the greenhouse effect. Tasmania,Britain, Northern Russia and New Zealand have humid temperatures. Deforestation is a major problem because it

Watercare by Chloe

Why we need to conserve our water system.

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