Board of Trustees Election

Declaration of Parent and Staff Election Results


Parent representatives votes:


Name                                                          Votes

 Attraqchi, Dr Mohammed                      61

Boyes, Philippa                                          131

Despotaki, Theodora                                 100

 Irvine, Denise                                            46

Penney, Rachel                                           108

 Turner, Kieran                                            110

 Weir, Claudette                                           66

Invalid Votes                                                 16


I hereby declare the following duly elected:


Philippa Boyes

Kieran Turner

Rachel Penney

Theodora Despotaki

Claudette Weir


There was only one nomination for Staff Representative.

Crompton, Carole

I hereby declare Carole Crompton duly elected.


Julie Bayer

Returning Officer