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This is where you see my learning, I am in Year 5. I love chess and athletics. My favourite colours are purple and green.

Our Visit to Motat

 On Thursday 26th of May, all the Year fives went to a special trip to Motat.  On the bus, I played ‘I spy with my little eye’ which is a game where you see an object and you have to

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The Beach

The BeachThe sun, is my warm blanket as hot as a oven. Lying on the soft sand, as soft as a comfy sofa, I fall asleep comfortably on the sand. The breeze blows gently at me so I don't get

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That Was Summer

Have you ever smelled summer? Of course you have, Remember that time, When I was running, Through the wind, feeling relaxed? And I was all cooled down, my hair blowing in the wind, That was summer Remember that time, When

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The School Swimming Sports

        On the 26th of February, the Year 5 and 6s went to Howick Intermediate for their Swimming Sports. I was really nervous, i jumped in. The race had started! I couldn't believe it! I was doing

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