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This is where you can see my work. I am a year 5 and I like The colour purple. I also like sports. My favourite sports is gymnastics.

Tropical Paradise

This relaxing beach is really beautiful as the sun blankets everything on the island including me. The sun feels like my bed at home. I put on a blob of sunscreen so I don't become a crispy chicken. I climb

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That Was Summer

Have you ever smelled summer before?Sure you have.Remember that timeWhen we were doing dolphin dives under the wavesAnd you were practically squealing because of the salty cold water?That was Summer.Remember that timeWhen we were playing tennis and I almost tripped

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Cross Country

On Friday the 12th, our school had their cross country. Before all the races I saw a few people stretching, socialising and playing hand games such as FBI. Myself on the other hand, lay around and did a bit of

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Our Trip to Motat

On Thursday 26th of May, the Senior School went to Motat which is a working museum. That would mean some things move around in the museum. On the way to Motat, Sophia, Raymond Jan and I played I spy. The

By |27th May 2016|Events, Room 2, School Events, Senior School, Writing|0 Comments
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