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Room 7 is a Year 2 class.


India said, "The Indians use a special powder that has colours to make special patterns. It is called Rangoli. They do fireworks and they bake tasty sweets. They have lights and candles."Nikhil added, " When Indian people get married they

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We have started the unit "What celebrations do people in the class, or their parents, celebrate and why?" Here is a brainstorm that we are adding to:We have been learning to include WWWWWWHO [Who, What, When, Why, Where, Which, How, Opinion]

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Mandarin Lesson this week:

Every Tuesday we have a half hour Mandarin lesson. This week we learned the names of the months and days. it is very easy once you know the numbers. In simple terms, January is called '1 month' and September is

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Rhythm Interactive Show:

Collaboratively we wrote and edited a piece about the show. The UNDERLINED text shows the original piece. We then edited it to add extra information. We are learning to add extra information to our stories.We All of Room Seven all went to

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Mothers Day

  We enjoying making placemats for our Mums' bedside tables. We laminated two of the sheets back-to-back. 

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Room 7’s Radish Winner:

The proud winner with his prize.We had a close second in terms of leaf growth, but it was pretty hard to beat the three bulging-out radishes the size of golf balls!Sure shows the importance of sunlight, fertiliser, watering and repotting!

Whopper Lettuces:

The best part of the job for the Enviro-Leaders is to be able to harvest and share.I grabbed these two for a photo as they were proudly on their way to the office, to deliver lettuces to Mrs Bayer and

Finishing off the Term with Animal Classification booklets:

How’s your radish growing ???

One more week's worth of growth until we see who's seed has sprouted the most!!Can anyone beat mine?... and also... Remember at Christmas the Enviro-group gave all the teachers a wee plant each as a thank you...Here's mine now...

Our trip to Auckland Zoo:

 [WALT] We Are Learning To put animals into their correct classifications by identifying certain physical characteristics. We have learned to classify birds, fish, mammals, vertebrates, invertebrates, insects, amphibians and reptiles.Our trip to the zoo enabled us to think like scientists and

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