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Sunflower Progress.

 I have been watering my plant for about a month now. I also have been caring for it. I have it in the sun room so it doesn't get soaked. I water it every two days.Bilva Shukla.

By |23rd November 2018|Classes|0 Comments

Room 15 meets the Fourth Graders from Pennsylvania!!

This term we have been really lucky to have Miss Yo teaching us with Mrs Howie. We had lots of questions about where she came from and what school is like in America. Miss Yo decided the best way for

By |15th April 2016|Classes|3 Comments

Kia Ora from Ms. Yo!

Hello! My name is Ms. Yo and I'm a university student teacher from the United States of America. I've been teaching in Room 15 with Mrs. Howie and her Year 3 students for 6 weeks now and unfortunately, my time

By |13th April 2016|Classes, Room 15|0 Comments

Mandarin Language

Today in Mandarin Language we learned how to draw chinese characters using brushes with water on absorbent paper. Miss Chen showed us what the characters looked like and then gave us a poster to follow. Some were easy to do

By |11th April 2016|Classes|1 Comment
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