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This is where you will see my learning. I'm 9 and 5 months. I'm sporty and I do alot of sports. My favourite things to do is badminton and art.

Living and Non-living Things

http://pic-collage.com/_QX1hSfMdClick on the URL to see an enlarged image.

Bear Haiku

 Big, flat furry paws,Protecting its cubs fiercely,Licks sticky honey.   

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The Story of the Mid-Autumn Festival

On the 15th of August, the Chinese culture has a very special festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival. We celebrate in memory of Chang E, the wife of a great hero.It is said that long ago in ancient China 10 suns existed

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Living Things / Mrs C Gren


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Bio Mass Energy

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Tidal Energy

Tidal Energy is a source of energy that isn't really used. Tidal energy is useful because it is a lot denser than air, which gives a bigger push against turbines that then generates power. Turbines are like underwater windmills. The

Our Trip to Te Tuhi

Today Room 2 went to Te Tuhi near Pakaranga Plaza. Our transportation was a bright, lime green tour bus. The seats were ragged and had strange patterns on them. I sat at the back with most of my group. My

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Univalves and Bivalves Presentation

   We have been learning about bivalve and univalve shells. 

Flower Haiku

Flowers falling down,Their pollen smelling so sweet,Covering green fields

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Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy

  We are learning to explain the difference between Renewable and Non-renewable Energy usingStoryboardThat.  Please click on the strip to view. In the top left-hand corner of this new screen there is a small square (full screen) that allows the viewer

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