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Room 13 is a group of Year 4 learners. We hope you enjoy reading our posts.

Katie’s Conversation

This is my conversation between two people that haven't met before or who have seen each other in the street but they haven't spoken to each other before.  Conversation (1)

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Year 3 and 4 Dance Festival

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Dance Festival

Dance FestivalYear 3 and 4 Dance FestivalOn the 8 and 9 of August Buckland Beach middle school girls dance group went to Elim College to perform our routine in the Dance Festival, with other local schools.BBPS danced 2nd in the first

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Koanga Festival

Koanga Festival 17 September 2016 Dear Parents and Caregivers, Your child has been participating in the Kapa Haka group at school and we are now practising very hard for our performance at the Koanga Festival in September.The Koanga Festival is a performance

Middle Team Newsletter Term 3

Middle Team NewsletterTerm 3 2016WELCOMEWe would like to extend a warm welcome to all those students and their families who have joined the Middle School through last term or at the beginning of this term.CURRICULUM FOCUSThis term Middle School students

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Maritime Museum

All of the Middle School has been so excited about going to the Maritime Museum this week. The Maritime Museum is a museum based on boats and other sea-related artifacts. We visited the museum to learn more about migration.One really

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Matariki Rotation

Today the whole school took part in a Matariki Rotation. The whole school moved from class to class learning many new skills and completing activities that included art, singing, cooperative games and learning about Maori traditions.

Science Week in Year 3 and 4

The Middle Team have been busy exploring and experimenting with forces. We tested the force of magnets and air pressure, we made parachutes and catapults and we moved colours around on a plate. Can you see what science is happening?

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Maritime Museum Letter

 Dear Parents,This term Middle School students will be conducting an inquiry unit called “Welcome Home”. We are inquiring into personal migration stories, migration specific to NZ (past and present) and reasons for people to migrate. To support our Unit of

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Room 13’s Portraits

We sketched our self portraits and then used pastel to colour the spaces in the style of Romero Britto. We think we look amazing.

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