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The Tiger

The cubs are so cuteTheir mother looks after her babies As she hunts for food.

By |12th October 2016|Room 2, Senior School, Writing|0 Comments

Bivalves and Univalves

        Room 2 are learning about Bivalves and Univalves.

By |19th September 2016|Room 2, Senior School, Year 6 Whitewater Rafting|0 Comments

Cross Country Run

      On Friday the whole school did the Cross Country. The Year 1 girls were first, then theYear 1 boys and so on until it was Year 5 girls to run. When it was our turn to do theCross

By |23rd August 2016|Room 2, School Events, Senior School, Sports, Writing|0 Comments

Lion Haiku

 The lion hunts his food  Sneaking along with no sound         Through the wavy  grass  

By |11th August 2016|Room 2, Senior School, Writing|0 Comments

Autumn Leaves

                All leaves are awesome.When they fall they change colour.Landing on soft ground.   

By |26th July 2016|Room 2, Senior School, Writing|0 Comments

School Swimming Sports

 On Friday 26th of March all the Senior School went to swimming sports at Howick intermediate. We all arrived by bus at Howick Intermediate.  We all had to line up and wait to get changed. After we all got into

By |24th July 2016|Room 2, Senior School, Writing|0 Comments

That Was Summer

We started our summer at my Uncle Joe's house. We were swimming in his swimming which is very big and deep. I loved diving into the deep end of the swimming pool.We also went to Parakai Hot Springs. It has

By |24th July 2016|Classes, Room 2, Senior School, Writing|0 Comments


The war was like a giant fight The ground was like an earthquakeThe gunfire was like a cannonball coming towards you. The gas bombs were like nuke explosionsThe soldiers were like warriors in the rugby games The families were worried about their

By |16th June 2016|Senior School, Writing|0 Comments

Visit To Motat

On Thursday we went to Motat. We had to take a clipboard and 3 pieces of paper to write notes on. We were in groups. Isabella, Bethany and I were in Mulan's group.  Mulan's sister is Sonja.  She was our

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