Junior School

Room 6:  Olivia Gaunt

  • Showing resilience in all her learning, especially story writing.

Room 6:  Harvey Flynn

  • His creative ideas in his story writing, well done!

Room 7:  Bernice Zheng

  • Always demonstrating the BBP values.

Room 7:  Leo Calland

  • Being a sensible role model in Room 7.

Room 7:  Sam Wilson

  • His great effort and perseverance in all learning areas.

Room 9:  Amelia Coxon-Byrne

  • A great improvement in her concentration when completing all tasks.

Room 9:  Devaansh Sharma

  • Always striving for excellence and demonstrating the BBPS values.

Room 8:  Riven D’Souza

  • Showing confidence and perseverance in your reading.

Room 8:  Baxter Kennerley

  • Working so hard to manage yourself and make good decisions in the classroom and the playground.

Room 5:  Felix Lee

  • Making great progress in reading.

Room 5:  Luana Aversa

  • Being a polite and kind member of Room 5.

Room 5:  Bryan Le

  • Sounding out new words independently!

Room 11:  Rio Carter

  • Learning how to independently publish his writing on the laptop.

Room 11:  Lottie Lowe

  • Using interesting adjectives in her writing.

Room 10:  Briella Drew

  • Participating eagerly in reading sessions and volunteering new words.

Room 10:  Adele Toh

  • Showing kindness and compassion to all members of Room 10 – a wonderful thing to watch.

Room 4:  Mina Zhang

  • Using letter sounds and words she knows to write her stories … well done Mina!

Middle School

Room 14:  Shefali Pal

  • Working hard to improve her writing using her learning intention to guide her.  Well done Shefali.

Room 14:  Rachel Feng

  • Confidently teaching the class how to count to 10 in Cantonese during maths week.  Thank you Rachel.

Room 15:  Li-En Downs

  • Showing resilience during gymnastics practices, and supporting his team mates before and during the competition.

Room 15:  Gariad Chan

  • Showing the value of Relationships by always being a great role model to others.

Room 16:  Wyatt Johnson

  • Being responsible in his own learning and for making sensible learning choices.

Room 16:  Emma Southall

  • Being able to work independently in all areas of her learning.  You are a great role model.

Room 16:  Evan Bielby

  • Being so enthusiastic in all areas of his learning.

Room 12:  Megan Smith

  • Thinking carefully to make inferences in her reading.

Room 12:  Ben Clouston

  • Making a great effort to think of and use different sentence beginnings in his writing.

Room 13:  Alina Zhao

  • Listening to feedback and making changes to improve his writing.

Room 13:  Chloey Van Der Merwe

  • Settling well into Room 13 and showing the BBPS values.

Room 13:  Rico Siqueira-Brown

  • Completing his tasks and reflecting on feedback given to him.

Senior School

Room 1:  Amber Thompson

  • Showing a depth of research in her speech writing.

Room 1:  Sara Hwang

  • Displaying determination and confidence.

Room 3:   Wehan Nortje

  • Effort and enthusiasm during Te Reo lessons.

Room 3:  Ryan Billings

  • Being a capable, confident speaker.  Ryan’s delivery of his speech was excellent.

Room 17:  Laban Frigell

  • Bravery and enthusiasm when delivering his speech in English in the Senior School Speech Finals.

Room 17:  Ryan Stone

  • An excellent written biography on his chosen artist during Inquiry.

Room 2:  Victoria Cleland

  • Taking responsibility for improving her note taking skills.

Room 2:  Alistair Liew

  • Using time management skills to complete his work on time.

Room 18:  Pratik Ranchhod

  • Listening carefully and contributing thoughtful feedback during group discussions.

Room 18:  D’Artagnan De Fleuriot De La Coliniere

  • Working hard on his literacy circle work and encouraging his group members.

Room 19:  Molly Powell

  • Always willing to give things a go and looking after her peers.

Room 19:  Katie Chee

  • Being an excellent role model displaying our school values.