Junior School

Room 6:  Ava Austin

  • Being a kind, caring and considerate member of the class, well done!

Room 6:  Ellie Wang

  • Working her hardest in all subjects all year!  Well done!

Room 7:  Xavier Kilgallon

  • Showing manawaroa when working on multiplications in maths.

Room 7:  Ryan Miller

  • Showing and explaining his math strategies.

Room 7:  Rehaan Gill

  • Showing manawaroa when working on fractions.

Room 9:  Alicia Hewitson

  • Showing great perseverance when completing reading tasks and making steady progress as a result.

Room 9:  Tobias Crowhurst

  • Working hard to meet his goals for writing and being enthusiastic along the journey this year.

Room 9:  Andrew Seekup

  • Making good choices and being a responsible learner.

Room 9:  Max Selby

  • Demonstrating great perseverance when completing maths problems.

Room 9:  Mark Loynes

  • Being a self-motivated learner and demonstrating great perseverance.

Room 8:  Jennifer Nie

  • Managing yourself so well and always being ready to learn.

Room 8:  Nidhrti Rajesh

  • Always trying to help others in the class.

Room 5:  Bryan Le

  • Becoming an independent writer!

Room 5:  Nawal Asif

  • Great effort and improvement in story writing!

Room 5:  Eva Prall

  • Staying on task and excellent effort at story writing time!

Room 11:  Nick Yu

  • Working well in groups and fully participating in class.

Room 10:  Kaitlyn Van Der Merwe

  • Trying really hard in her reading and writing.

Room 10:  Michaela Robertson

  • Playing so wonderfully alongside her friends in Room 10.

Room 4:  Felix-Kupa Pohe-Waa

  • Listening to sounds to write in phonics and in story writing.  Also using this skill to try unfamiliar words in reading.  Well done, Felix-Kupa!

Room 4:  Rakinda Oduol

  • Her positive attitude towards her learning and being a kind friend in Room 4.  Well done, Rakinda!

Room 20:  Ezra Papal’ii-Sanileva

  • Trying his hardest in everything he does.

Room 20:  Billie Snell

  • Being kind to our new children.

Middle School

Room 14:  Brian Lin-Jackson

  • His keen interest in problem solving in maths.

Room 14:  Irma Frigell

  • Working hard to make improvements to her writing so it is more interesting for the reader.

Room 14:  Willow Johnson

  • Demonstrating positive relationship values by being a caring and supportive member of the class.

Room 14:  Isik Ogut

  • His enthusiastic approach to his learning and for confidently sharing his knowledge with others.

Room 14:  Gracie Tan

  • Always being a responsible and reliable member of the class.

Room 15:  Olivia Pan

  • Consistently showing all our BBPS values.

Room 15:  Regan Smith

  • Showing the value of relationships during our Inquiry unit this term.  You have worked well with your group!

Room 16:  Roberto Beavis Fernandez De Las Heras

  • Focussing and immersing himself during our inquiry topic of  bridges.

Room 16:  Hollyanne Wright

  • Being a responsible and considerate member of our class.

Room 16:  Katie Kendall

  • Engaging herself in her writing and grasping new learning goals with confidence.

Room 12:  Veronique de Fleuriot de la Coliniere

  • Being able to work collaboratively during our bridge making inquiry.

Room 12:  Claudia Ciechowicz

  • Participating and collaboration during our bridge making inquiry.

Room 12:  Luke Van Biljon

  • Responding to feedback to make changes in his writing.

Room 13:  Benjamin Chan

  • Being a kind friend to his peers.

Room 13:  Amelia Garbarek

  • Always demonstrating the school values when working with others.

Room 13:  Owen Firth

  • Showing resilience when playing the Djembe drums.

Senior School

Room 1:  Baran Amani

  • Displaying determination with her learning.

Room 1:  Stacy Chong

  • Displaying a positive attitude at all times.

Room 3:   Riley Laister

  •  Excellent ball skills.  He has a strength throwing and catching.

Room 3:  Vaman Sharma

  • Excellence as a team player.  Vaman is a polite, considerate member of the class.

Room 17:  Laban Frigell

  • His contribution to Room 17 as Student Councillor and leading by example both in class and around the school.

Room 17:  Chloe Frearson

  • Consistently demonstrating the BBPS values throughout the year as Student Councillor.