Junior School

Room 6:  E J Saipani

  • Creating imaginative and detailed art work in the style of Picasso.

Room 6:  Jake Band

  • Showing maturity towards his writing, well done and keep it up!

Room 7:  Luca Delonge

  • Great enthusiasm when sharing about ‘Mr and Mrs Twit.’

Room 7:  Willow Ellis

  • Always exhibiting the school values – an excellent role model for Room 7 students.

Room 9:  Georgia Wearing

  • Making good choices in the classroom and completing her work to a high standard.

Room 9:  Rachael MacKinnon

  • Always managing her self well at school and setting a good example for others to follow.

Room 8:  Ethan Liu

  • Using interesting descriptive words in his writing.

Room 8:  Erin Potgieter

  • Confident, fast paced reading with wonderful expression.

Room 5:  Miller Fu

  • Staying on task and producing great work!

Room 5:  Maisie Medcalf

  • Becoming independent and always coming to school with a smile on her face!

Room 5:  Aedan Miller

  • Using his initiative and being a responsible student!

Room 11:  Doris Yang

  • Working hard on her reading at home.

Room 11:  Grant Huang

  • Learning two whole spell-a-thon lists.  Well done!

Room 10:  Janice Xu

  • Working independently on her writing tasks.

Room 10:  Hailey Yan

  • Always being a responsible and reliable member of our class.

Room 4:  Cassidy Van Rooyen

  • Her positive attitude towards her learning and being a lovely friend to us all in Room 4 … thank you Cassidy!

Room 20:  Indigo Harding

  • Taking responsibility of her learning space by putting resources back from where she go them.

Middle School

Room 14:  James Harrison-Uren

  • Writing a detailed and descriptive narrative for our class book.

Room 14:  Raymond Lui

  • Confidently presenting his oral reading text in front of the class.

Room 15:  Sofia Moran

  • Showing resilience when learning to blend paint colours for our calendar art.  Fantastic work!

Room 15:  Alfred Yin

  • Using his imagination to come up with a creative, science based idea for his narrative this term.

Room 15:  Lauren Billings

  • The high level of effort and enthusiasm she has put into her narrative writing this term.

Room 16:  Nikhil Ranchhod

  • Always being an independent and responsible learner.  Keep up the positive work!

Room 16:  Harjeevan Singh

  • Taking responsibility in his own learning, you are a great role model.

Room 16:  Madi Arellano

  • Showing more confidence in the classroom when speaking and presenting.

Room 12:  Cristian Silvast

  • Presenting his speech to the class with confidence.

Room 12:  Alexander Pavloff

  • Making a superb effort to include interesting vocabulary in his writing.

Room 13:  Lucia Gunson

  • Using creativity in her writing by adding interesting and descriptive words.

Room 13:  Zac Calland

  • Staying focussed and working hard on his narrative writing.

Room 13:  Lilyana Snell

  • Communicating effectively with her peers.

Senior School

Room 1:  Mehtab Gill

  • Displaying determination with his gymnastics.

Room 1:  Archie Vanderhoven

  • Displaying a determined attitude with his gymnastics.

Room 3:   Hannah Rush

  • Being a reliable pupil who takes responsibility for her learning.

Room 3:  Ruby Snell

  • An excellent effort in her art work.

Room 17:  Vicky Wang

  • Assisting her peers when they need help with their learning.

Room 17:  Montana Wearing

  • Effort and improvement during her Lexia lessons.

Room 2:  Priya Ranchhod

  • Her effort put into all subject areas.

Room 2:  Isaac Ho

  •  Effort put into his writing.

Room 18:  Jonathan Yang

  • His excellent attitude to his learning, well done Jonathan.

Room 18:  Tim Townend

  • Listening carefully and trying his hardest in all subject areas, well done.

Room 19:  Naomi Huang

  • Always willing to give everything a go and applies herself in all her work.

Room 19:  Patrick Groves

  • Displaying a positive attitude towards his learning.