Junior School

Room 6:  Samuel Song

  • Showing resilience in his writing – you are working so hard – keep going!

Room 6:  Michael Shao

  • Thinking through his ideas and asking sensible questions in inquiry – well done!

Room 7:  Isabelle de Bie

  • Her great effort in all learning areas.

Room 7:  Tayla Goddard

  • Her great piece of narrative writing.

Room 7:  Grace Papal’ii-Sanileva

  • Being a sensible role model in class.

Room 9:  Tyler Lau

  • Always demonstrating the BBPS values of respect and resilience.

Room 9:  Xiaoxuan Yu

  • Demonstrating great perseverance during Literacy and making steady progress as a result.

Room 8:  Isabella Sharp

  • Confident and expressive reading.

Room 8:  Saloni Pal

  • Always showing respect towards others and being a good friend.

Room 5:  Danica Wu

  • Asking interesting questions about our science experiments.

Room 5:  Ashlee Peng

  • Giving everything a go in her new classroom!

Room 5:  Charlie Haxton

  • Staying on-task and participating in all activities enthusiastically.

Room 11:  Wanzhen Li

  • Creative ability in art.  Great work!

Room 11:  Jessica Lin

  • Achievement in all areas.  Well done!

Room 10:  Jason Qiu

  • Growing in confidence in his mathematical thinking.

Room 10:  Luke De Roock

  • Jumping up levels in his reading – well done.

Room 10:  Lilah Stewart

  • Being a kind friend to other children in our class.

Room 4:  Marina Poomphuang

  • Great progress in learning her sight words and letter sounds.

Room 20:  Amy Liang

  • Being a kind friend to the new children in Room 20.

Room 20:  Sofia Lewis

  • Being resilient when working on making her handwriting smaller.

Middle School

Room 14:  Neve Turner

  • Working hard to improve her writing by including interesting vocabulary.

Room 14:  Bilva Shukla

  • Valuable contributions during maths problem solving.

Room 14:  Sofia Hiley

  • Being an outstanding role model.  Sofia always demonstrates all of the BBP values.

Room 15:  Max Tollenaar

  • Thinking carefully about the best strategy to use when adding and subtracting large numbers.

Room 15:  Jayme Peters

  • Stepping into the role of Student Council Rep with enthusiasm and capability.

Room 16:  Austin Lin

  • Having a positive attitude towards his learning and for always offering his help to others.

Room 16:  Sasha Thomson

  • Representing Room 16 in the oral reading competition.  We enjoyed listening to you read.

Room 16:  Allen Illustrisimo

  • Being such a respectful and responsible student each and every day.

Room 12:  Charlie Wu

  • Using different strategies to solve complex maths problems.

Room 12:  Charles Wong

  • The care that he takes to include detail and colour in his artwork.

Room 12:  Annie Cheng

  • Writing an adventurous and exciting narrative.

Room 13:  Kaid Argent

  • Reflecting on the changes needed to improve his writing.

Room 13:  Martina Beavis

  • Adding interesting descriptive words to her writing.

Room 13:  Abby White

  • Using decoding strategies to read unfamiliar words.

Senior School

Room 1:  Charlotte Greening

  • Being a thoughtful and engaged learner.

Room 1:  Emily Brealey

  • For displaying a diligent effort in mathematics.

Room 3:   William Zeng

  • Being an on-task worker and for being kind and caring towards others.  William always has a smile on his face.

Room 3:  Wendy Lin-Jackson

  • An improved attitude towards her home learning.  Wendy is reading regularly.

Room 17:  Rojeff Lin

  • His enthusiastic approach to school and his positive attitude in class and with his peers.

Room 17:  Joanne Yong

  • Consistently demonstrating all of the BBPS values as she sets an excellent example to the rest of the class.

Room 2:  Austin Ensor

  • Creativity demonstrated in all Art pieces.

Room 2:  Chloe Jooste

  •  Consistently demonstrating all the BBPS school values.

Room 18:  Carmi Oosthuizen

  • Always listening carefully and showing respect to her teachers.

Room 18:  Amelie Taylor

  • Showing maturity and a caring attitude.

Room 19:  Zac Donaldson

  • Improved focus in all learning areas.  Well done Zac.

Room 19:  Paige McLaren

  • Demonstrating fantastic concentration while creating our art mural.