Our Staff

The school is organised into three teaching teams – the Junior School, Middle School and Senior School and are led by 3 Team Leaders.

Teachers teach to children’s needs, their levels of ability and experience.


Kelly Slater-Brown
Kelly Slater-BrownPrincipal
Carole Crompton
Carole CromptonDeputy Principal
Moira Rowlands
Moira RowlandsAssistant Principal

Junior Team

Mrs Sarah Bartholomew
Mrs Sarah BartholomewJunior School Team Leader and Room 5 teacher
Ms Anna Madgwick
Ms Anna MadgwickRoom 9 Teacher
Mrs Shari Knox
Mrs Shari KnoxRoom 8 Teacher
Mrs Liz Keel
Mrs Liz KeelRoom 6 Teacher
Miss Lorna Foulger
Miss Lorna FoulgerRoom 7 teacher
Mrs Margie McInally
Mrs Margie McInallyRoom 20 teacher
Mrs Donna Crowhurst
Mrs Donna CrowhurstRoom 10 Teacher
Mrs Jeanneke Goile
Mrs Jeanneke GoileRoom 20 Teacher
Ms Marlies Wilson
Ms Marlies WilsonRoom 11 Teacher
Mrs Marlene Jackson
Mrs Marlene JacksonRoom 5 Teacher / senior school release teacher

Middle Team

Mrs Debbie Rist
Mrs Debbie RistRoom 12, Middle School Team Leader
Miss Cherry Wong
Miss Cherry WongRoom 13
Mrs Jacinta Howie
Mrs Jacinta HowieRoom 14
Mrs Anushka Patel
Mrs Anushka PatelRoom 15
Mr Alan McInally
Mr Alan McInallyRoom 16
Miss Charlotte Wilson
Miss Charlotte WilsonRoom 17

Senior Team

Ms Jillian Redpath
Ms Jillian RedpathRoom 1 Teacher, Senior School Team Leader
Mrs Robyn Millinchip
Mrs Robyn MillinchipRoom 2 Teacher
Mrs Faye Chilvers
Mrs Faye ChilversRoom 3 Teacher
Miss Judy Chao
Miss Judy ChaoRoom 4 Teacher
Mr Nick Chamberlain
Mr Nick ChamberlainRoom 18 Teacher
Ms Kris Jochimsen
Ms Kris JochimsenRoom 19 Teacher

Specialist Teachers

Mrs Diana Spencer
Mrs Diana SpencerEnglish Language Learners (ELL) Teacher
Mrs Ros Gray
Mrs Ros GrayReading Recovery Teacher
Mrs Marlene Jackson
Mrs Marlene JacksonClassroom Release Teacher
Mrs Rebecca Trotter
Mrs Rebecca TrotterSports Specialist Teacher

Admin and Support Staff

Julie Bayer
Julie BayerOffice Manager
Taryn Taylor
Taryn TaylorResources
Donna Gormley
Donna Gormley Learning Assistant
Jay-Jay Snider
Jay-Jay SniderLearning Assistant
John Rist
John RistProperty Manager
Caroline Fausett
Caroline FausettLibrarian
Connie Cheng
Connie ChengLearning Assistant
Camille Daniels-Sanileva
Camille Daniels-SanilevaLearning Assistant
Sunny Shen
Sunny ShenLearning Assistant
Robyn Jones
Robyn JonesLearning Assistant
Vanessa Hunt
Vanessa HuntOffice Assistant
Megan Webster
Megan WebsterLearning Assistant

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