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Kia Ora, Nǐ hǎo, Hallo, Greetings, 

Welcome to our new students and their families who have recently joined us:  Willow Lammas, Matthew Wang, Zac Gillbanks, Stephen Pan, Hailey Hurter, Madison Hurter, Ante Zeljkovic, Nastia Claassen, Michael Pieterse, James Milne, Hunter Milne, Tyler Milne, Beatrice Vivash, Sam Meyer, Brady Henschen and Damien Gerneke.

The BBP roll continues to grow at a rapid rate, and we are now sitting on 478 pupils.  It helps us hugely for planning if we know in advance about new enrolments.  If you have a four year old, (or know of a four year old that is planning to join us next year), please collect an enrolment from the office or print one off from the website, fill it out and return it to the office.  Thanks for your support with our future planning.

Linc Ed (soon to be rebranded as Hero)

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Nathan Wallis

A reminder to get in quick if you want a ticket to come and see Nathan Wallis talk about the Teen Brain in our school hall on the 4th of December from 7:30 – 9:00.  Tickets are available at  Bring your coins this time, as our PTA will be selling drinks and snacks.

Te Reo

We have been lucky to find a Te Reo tutor who is working with the middle and senior students once a week.  Whaea Anita, our Te Reo teacher, delivers the learning in a fun way, and our students and teachers are enjoying the learning.

2020 Staffing Update

We farewell Marlies Wilson and family at the end of the year, as they head off overseas.  Marlies has contributed a great deal  to the development of the digital curriculum in the junior school, and has been a dedicated teacher.  We will miss her passion and enthusiasm, and wish her well for the next adventure.  We also need to congratulate Marlies and her fiancé Juliano, who are getting married next Friday!  

We also farewell Alan McInally, who is off to Glendowie to teach his preferred intermediate level.  Alan has been a valuable member of the PB4L team, contributed many terrible Dad jokes to the staffroom, and our sports teams have benefited from his coaching skills.  We hope you enjoy your new position.

Debbie Rist is taking a refreshment year from her team leader position, but will continue as a classroom teacher.  Moira Rowlands will be the middle team leader for 2020.

I was blown away to receive thirty eight applications for our teaching positions.  We have been lucky enough to employ two quality teachers who bring new skills and will fit in well with our school vision and values.  We welcome Philip Duncan from Sancta Maria School.  Philip is an experienced teacher with excellent skills across the board, and a real talent in music.  Philip’s son joined our school this year in year five, as they moved into the area.  We also welcome Delwyn Jackson from Ellerslie Primary School.  Delwyn has an excellent grasp of teaching the 21st century skills through her programme, has a love of the outdoors, and brings sports coaching skills to the team.

Currently we are experiencing an influx of enrolments, so when this settles we will finalise the staffing structure for 2020 and let you know.

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