Relationships – Whanaungatanga, Resilience – Manawaroa, Respect – Manaakitanga, Responsibility – Tiaki

Kia Ora, Nǐ hǎo, Hallo, Greetings, 

Welcome to our new students and their families that have recently joined us:  Robin Liu, Queenie Shao, Harry Robinson, Archie Vivash, Olivia Knight, Mario Poomphuang, Lilly Thompson, Holly Thompson, Kaley Teo, Ollie Ni & Lucas Yu.

There have been science experiments galore going on across the school for our inquiry topic, which our young scientists have been thoroughly enjoying!  This style hands on learning and exploration has really hooked in all of our learners.  This has been complemented with Science in a Van and the Bone Lady.  



There are a number of bugs doing the rounds at the moment, with up to 72 students being off school on one day. We need your help to stop bugs spreading to other students and staff.  As you can appreciate relievers are getting more and more scarce, and at times we are having to split classes for the day, which is not ideal.  Please can we ask that if your child is showing signs of the flu, keep them at home until they are fully recovered.    Also a reminder that students with tummy bug need to be kept off school for 24 hours after the last time they have vomited.  We are reinforcing hand washing at school also.  Thank you for your support.

Linc Ed

Staff are currently writing general comments to go onto Linc Ed, which will be shared with you before the three way conferences.  We hope you are enjoying seeing examples of your student’s work, and logging in regularly to see you child’s progress.  

If you are new to school, here is the link to our Student Management System Linc-Ed so you can go online and see your children’s progress. We are holding an open meeting on Friday 21st June at 2:15pm in the staffroom to answer any questions you may have about using Linc Ed or please feel free to contact me

( Chinese translation version)

The instructions are on our website under the Parents tab.

BOT News

To our outgoing Board of Trustees – thank you for your contribution to the students of Bucklands Beach Primary.  Your governance, guidance and support has helped to ensure that every student has the opportunity to be a successful learner and reach their potential.  

Being on a School Board of Trustees is a huge responsibility, and often with very little acknowledgement. I have admired the way  the outgoing board members have taken on this governance responsibility and helped to steer the school over the last three years.  Thank you for keeping the best interests of all students as the focus of your decisions.  I know (as a parent) that this is difficult, particularly when there could be an impact on your own children. Your dedication to all learners is evident through our achievements.

As I reflected on the last three years there are a number of huge achievements.  Some are regular board business but most are not. The following is a snapshot to remind us of this journey, the accomplishments and successes over the last three years..

  1. Closing the zone, reducing class size, and getting a new classroom installed to help with this
  2. Supporting the implementation of PB4L
  3. Continued development of effective collaborative teaching and learning practices, which resulted in a 4-5 ERO review and our best academic results to date
  4. Upgrading classrooms and property, including heat pumps and new interiors
  5. Supporting employing an Associate Principal to help run the school
  6. Supporting our students – who are happy and keen to be part of our school because they have a broad range of exciting learning opportunities, programmes and support
  7. The purchase of equipment such as robots, to support the digital technology curriculum
  8. Securing grants for swimming instructors, fitness equipment and more
  9. Revisioning the school
 Your enthusiasm certainly did make the difference!
Board of Trustees’ Election – Declaration of Parent Election Results
Parent representative votes:
Chiang, Henry 93
Haxton, Diana 111
Liu, Yang 74
Lowe, Grant 100
Shao, Nick 22
Turner, Kieran 96
Weir, Claudette 90
Invalid votes: 10
Congratulation to our new board: Henry Chiang, Diana Haxton, Grant Lowe, Kieran Turner & Claudette Weir
Road Safety
 I have been in touch with our local constable, after a concerned parent had a near miss crossing the road.  It’s a timely reminder to be extra vigilant crossing the road, and to make sure we all slow down around school.  A big thank you to our volunteer adults and students who help us cross the road safely each day.

Room 12’s Bucket Filling

Room 12 have read a book about filling a bucket. By filling someone’s bucket you make them feel happy. Listen to how Room 12 think you can fill someone’s bucket.



Community Notices

My name is Paulette Devane and I have recently joined the team at Howick Pakuranga Netball Centre looking after the Junior Competitions.

We are looking for Year 1 & 2 children who would like to play in our Mother Earth Future Ferns Programme.

The programme is on Tuesday afternoons from 4pm to 5pm.  Players will be placed in a team and provided with a coach.  We follow the Netball New Zealand Mother Earth Future Ferns Programme.  The Fee is $70 and the programme goes through to the 6th August (excludes July school holidays).   To register please apply online  –  Web-site:                       Email: .                     Phone 53475791


The biggest interactive drum show for kids in Australasia!

Rhythm Interactive is proud to present their new theater production; Jungle Jambo “Together as one.” An inspiring show filled with fun and laughter and lots of jungle jamming.

Rhythm Interactive has performed interactive drum shows for New Zealand schools since 2008. Jungle Jambo is our latest and biggest production to date. Everyone gets a drum to join in and is fully part of the storyline.

Jungle Jambo is an interactive musical experience where digital characters come to live on stage, join Jambo’s tribe and help him save the jungle.  

What to do these school winter holidays? Jungle Jambo, The Herald Theatre Aotea Centre Auckland July 16 to July 20, 2:30 pm. Our special school offer promo code; JAMBO, use this code and receive a 15% discount. Brilliant family entertainment for kids aged 5 to 12.