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A community of agile and collaborative learners – Proud of who we are, empowered to make a difference

Kia Ora, Nǐ hǎo, Hallo, Greetings, 

Welcome to our new students and their families who have recently joined us: Mia-Lee Van Heerden, Lienka Van Heerden, Luke Gaunt, Yiyao Liu and Ariel Wang.  

The seniors topped off the productions this term, with an amazing performance showcasing a range of student talents.  We really do have a lot of talent in our school!   Again I would like to acknowledge just how hard working our teachers are, as well as the parents and teaching assistants who helped out with backdrops, props and costumes.   What a busy ten weeks it has been.

Thank you to all of the parents who came in to celebrate our first term of project based learning on the theme of communities.   There was a wonderful array of learning across the school, and students very proudly shared their learning journeys with each other.  It’s great to see the collaboration and creativity coming out strongly.  I will be putting the digital products on the website when they are completed.  

Staffing Update

We have another new entrant class opening in the Rainbow Room (Room 20) for term 4.  Room 20 will be taught by Margie McInally (Monday to Wednesday) and Jeanneke Goile (Thursday and Friday).

Luke Petterson (Room 2) is finishing at the end of this term, and Robyn Millinchip will be teaching the class in term 4.  We wish Luke all the best, and thank him for the hard work he has put into Room 2.

Sir Peter Blake Leadership Award

Congratulations to Luke Waymouth who is this year’s Sir Peter Blake Young Leader recipient from Bucklands Beach Primary.  Luke has shown outstanding leadership skills during the time he has been in the Senior School.  He is a whānau leader, presented at Google Summit, showed care and compassion towards other students, is lead orator for the Senior School Production and an exemplary role model for others.  He is always willing to take on new challenges.  What a great role model you are Luke!

Linc Ed (soon to be rebranded as Hero)

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The Senior School Production

This week is the week of the Senior School Production.  The setting is Our Universe whereby Aliens visit with a view of creating another Earth.  Students have been involved in Science learning as they explore The Water Cycle, Photosynthesis, the bones of the Skeletal System, types of rocks, the work of Paleontologists and the learning of the Periodic Table.  The Senior Students performed a matinee on Monday afternoon as well as Monday and Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm.



Thank you to the parents who helped us with our costumes for the production and for help with our dance item.  We think we look great and I am sure you will agree.


Room 3:  News from the classroom

Last week Room 3 spent the morning making Gingerbread Men.  This was a follow up activity from the Buddy Class time where we read and wrote Gingerbread Men plays.  The focus of learning was learning to measure and to read scales in mathematics.  We learnt to cut butter by using the markings on the side to the packet.



Unni and James visited the Senior School at Bucklands Beach Primary on Wednesday 18 September to introduce students to the sport of orienteering.  They set up four different courses around the school.  Students began by learning how to read a map before taking on the challenge of completing the courses.
  Senior School Speech Competition
The Senior School speech Competition was held on Friday 20 September at Bucklands Beach Primary.  Congratulations go to Fynn Tollenaar who won the speech competition for 2019.  Fynn will now represent our school at the Interschool Competition with his winning speech about being unique.  Other place getters were Amber Thomson and Ryan Billings     2nd= and Kito Sun in 3rd place.
Room 13 Super Writing


The Very Deadly Castle

Once upon a time there was a horrifying colossal castle in the deep hollow woods at Wonder place in the middle of nowhere.A cold deadly blizzard and the freaky winds were flashing towards me!  The castle was evil.  It was guarded by a witch which is a moving statue and an extremely deadly sin with 5 eyes and 3 noses.  Some people think it’s hiding the mythical pearl of doom.  When I try to go in a blue lavary wand appears and the door creeks and slams shut.  The castle is called sins death if you stepped in you would turn into a 3 headed cobra.  The forest went dim and in a whoosh and a whack the forest disappeared!

Baxter Room 13

Once upon a time there was a cursed, cruel and crushed castle. Everyone called it the danger castle and something is in there that is guarded by a three headed dog. Myths say there’s a philosopher’s stone. As the vampires fly by they swoosh, wrap their capes all around their body in fear. The forest is so dangerous, only the most powerful creatures can survive in the forest. 

The most powerful creature is the three headed dog but let me tell you it’s secrets, one of the secrets is to play some music and the dog falls straight asleep but if you stop playing the music he wakes up and gobbles you up. Myths also say you have to pass a 30,00 headed cobras, you have to pass a tiger, goat and snake headed monster, a phoenix, a griffin they may seem amazing but they are spooky and vicious. 

Nicola  Room 13

Once upon a time in a far away land there was a surprisingly huge haunted castle in a pitch black and scary forest. Huge trees surrounding the castle were burping greeny grey slime. Trees were falling on the brick wall and weren’t making a scratch. Next to the castle was a witch hut. Inside the castle was a heap of rodents. On the walls were portraits of people who have passed away in the family. After hours of walking, I finally came across a door. The door was a big as the wall. I opened the door and walked right in. The only thing in the room was portraits. Suddenly the portrait had fallen onto the ground. I picked up the pieces and put both pieces back together. I saw a label at the back it said glumsushakers ginder. What I saw next shocked me. The man was standing next to the house I was in. I zoomed outside and to my surprise I was back in 1642 and you may be thinking how did I know I was back in 1647. Well there were cave men everywhere, what was I going to do? Suddenly I had an idea I walked into the house and I was back in 2020 “yay”, but I was gone for 50 years in the end. 

Andrew Room 13

The trees were enormous and hollow. The old broken vicious castle was creaking in the distance. The wind was whooshing towards the trees. The woods were as dark as a tunnel. Crack!! The tremendous trees fell down to the spiky thorns. The three headed dragons were guarding the old broken castle. An intruder came. It was a wolf. The three headed dragons shot fire at the wolf. The wolf was still alive. If you want to go and get the Emerald you have to run past ten raged UFO’s and then twenty skeleton soldiers with swords, and finally five poisonous scorpions. 

Aaron Room 13 

It all started when the daredent Xiao family was sitting around a campfire. 

“Mama tell us a creepy story” cried baby Xaio

“ Okay” said Mrs Xaio

“ Once upon a time on a secret eerie island was a group of mad violent scientists studying a rare peculiar dragon (half salamander) trapped inside a lair the scientists had built for him. His name was Carlo. His lair had traces of silvery light from ghosts, big colossal scratch marks from a humongous beast. The secret island had a circle of enchanted trees higher than a plane can go, creepier than having a vampire in your village, colder than living in Antarctica. All the enchanted trees surrounded….. the lab and the dragon’s lair. 

Carlo lived gloomily in his lair. He always wanted to escape the tests, but scientists always had their way. Carlo’s mother was a salamander and his father a dragon so that meant he could breathe fire and he could fly! So one special day Carlo’s father was peeking through the clouds Hmmmmm

How dare those science workers do that to my son! Wait I think it’s a sciencetech, whatever he thought, so he breathed some powerful fire onto the island. The scientists tried everything but nothing worked and they died. Carlo did not die because he was half salamander so he flew to the clouds and lived happily ever after with his mother and father”

Bernice Room 13

Dollars for Schools
If you are eating at The Good Home please nominate Bucklands Beach Primary as the school your points from your meal or the bar will go to.  We are currently eighth in the competition.  This has been a drop from sixth a week ago.  Any support that you can give will be greatly appreciated.  

Sports News

Our soccer team played a hard semi final against Mellons Bay School.  They showed lots of resilience, and dug deep to try and win.  The final score was 3 – 1 to Mellons Bay.  


Have a wonderful 2 weeks holiday and enjoy the time with your children.


Community Notices

The FLASH BANG SCIENCE Club are holding our WACKY WATER science workshop in Pakuranga (Te Tuhi) for children aged 7 – 12 years old on Tuesday 1st October!  For more information or to book please check out:  or email:


Art Classes – After School – spaces available for Term 4 (16 October – 11 December) – please contact Janet on 0274 6555574 or email