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A community of agile and collaborative learners – Proud of who we are, empowered to make a difference

Kia Ora, Nǐ hǎo, Hallo, Greetings, 

It’s hard to believe we only have two weeks to go!  What an amazing year we have had.  I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all of the incredible BBPS staff, whose passion and dedication allows us to do great things.  Thank you also to the parents and community who have supported us in various ways over the year.  It is a privilege to work in such a supportive community.  Our last day of school is the 20th of December, finishing at 12 o’clock.

Staff Organisation for 2020

On the back of the strategic planning review, we are trialling some new classes for 2020.  The new Mrs Jackson (Delwyn), and Marlene Jackson are going to collaboratively teach two year one classes together.   Delwyn is teaching in a shared space at the moment with lots of creative opportunities, so is bringing in some expertise in this area, which we are taking advantage of.   Fancy having two Mrs Jacksons!
Lorna Foulger is going to take a small mixed class of year fours and fives, run on more of a combination of passion and project based learning approach.  We are inviting students who we think would thrive in this environment, as we develop expertise in Lorna that can be shared in the mid / senior end of the school.  We are really excited about the scope of this class, and look forward to seeing it in action.
After hearing Nathan Wallace speak, we are looking at ways to extend student teacher relationships over time.  In light of this, Anna Madgwick is moving to year two with her whole class being invited to remain with her for another year.
Year 1
Delwyn Jackson / Marlene Jackson and Sarah Bartholomew (1 day) 
Donna Crowhurst
Year 2
Shari Knox
Anna Madgwick / Sarah Bartholomew (1 day)
Liz Keel
Sarah Bartholomew (Junior Team Leader)
Year 3 
Jacinta Howie
Cherry Wong
Anushka Patel
Year 3/4
Charlotte Wilson
Year 4
Debbie Rist
Philip Duncan
Moira Rowlands (Middle Team Leader)
Year 4/5
Lorna Foulger
Year 5
Judy Chao
Faye Chilvers
Year 6
Nick Chamberlain
Kris Jochimsen
Jillian Redpath 
Jillian Redpath (Senior Team Leader)
Class Placements

This is a robust and structured process where teachers work collaboratively using their expertise, experience, and knowledge of your child to ensure that they will be placed in the best possible learning environment for their needs.

To place children in a class we use the following process:

  • Teachers provide information considering academic data,  maturity, specific learning needs, friendships, relationship with the teacher and any information that will support a positive placement.
  • Teachers ask children to identify learning buddies. These are students who they can learn with. We aim to give each child one buddy in their new class.
  • Initial class lists are drafted taking into account teacher and student comments.  
  • The Leadership Team review the placements and makes changes based on additional information they may have. 
  • Teachers and the Leadership team collaboratively review the class lists and make any changes necessary.

Students will meet their new teacher on the 18th of December at 10:30 and spend half an hour with them in their new class.

Teacher Only Days for 2020

As part of the teacher contract settlement, schools are being given teacher only days to hold throughout the contract for professional development and other assessment and curriculum work.  The Board of Trustees have approved three teacher only days for us in 2020 – the 9th of April, the 3rd of July and the 25th of September.

General Comments

General comments will be available on Linc Ed (Hero), on Monday the 16th of December.

School Docs

We have two policies up for review this term: Education Outside of the Classroom and Sun Protection.  To review the two policies please log on to  

Username: bbps

Password: clovelly

Santa Parade

Congratulations to Jamie Kent, and her team of dedicated helpers, and our talented staff and students who each played their part contributing to our winning float at the Howick Santa Parade.  

ICAS Medalist

Congratulations to Benjamin Chan, who was presented with a medal at Auckland University on Saturday for his achievement in the ICAS test (Digital Technology).  Benjamin was in the top 1% of people who sat the test.  What a great achievement!


          Student Summit

On Tuesday 3 December a Student Summit of digital technologies was held at Bucklands Beach Primary.  Approximately 80 Y3-6 students presented at 19 workshops to all other Middle and Senior School Students.  The students presenting hosted their workshop three times while participants were able to attend the workshop of their choice for each session.  Activities included a range of robots, computer and iPad applications as well as unplugged activities, all of which fit into the new digital technologies curriculum that is being introduced into schools from next year.  Many of the students presenting were those who attended the Google Student Summit at Matua Ngaru School in August and yesterday was the day for those that did not attend to participate in such an event.  

We thank PB Technologies for supporting our event.  They very generously donated tablets, headphones and earbuds for spot prizes.  Congratulations to Jordin, Nico, Sakia, Li-En, Olivia, Ava and Gabbi who were the winners.



First Lego League Robotics

This last weekend 19 students from Y4, Y5 and Y6 competed in the City Shaper Challenge held at Te Matauranga School in Manurewa.  Our teams represented us well and all enjoyed the experience.  All students were presented a medal as they were part of a National competition.  The event was a two day event being held on both Saturday and Sunday.  Thank you to all the parents who transported the students and especially to those who acted as coaches during the day.

Student Council

The BBPS Student Council are collecting items for families who are experiencing financial challenges this Christmas.  We are asking for donations of presents for children (including teenagers) – these can be wrapped or unwrapped.  We are also seeking donations of canned or packaged food, for example, soups, pasta, rice and cereal.  Donations can be placed under the Christmas tree in the school office.  All items donated will be sent to the Sowers Trust which is an organisation based in Howick that provides support for people in Howick and surrounding communities.




Swimming Pool

Swimming pool keys are now available for hire from the school office.  $80 per key of which $10 is refundable at the end of the season.

We parents to assist with the pool over the summer break.  Are you going to be around and wouldn’t mind going on a roster to keep the pool area clean and tidy?  If so, please contact the school office.  Thank you for your support.

Upcoming Events – Important Dates

Y6 Graduation/Prizegiving

This is scheduled for Wednesday 18 December at 7.00 p.m. in the BBPS hall.  We look forward to seeing all of our Year 6 students at this important ceremony along with their parents/Whanau.  All students are required to wear their correct school uniform with black shoes or sandals.  No sweatshirts, jewellery or makeup please.

Y6 Big Day Out

This is scheduled for the day after Graduation (Thursday 19 December).  The students will wear socks & sneakers, sports shorts, sport shirt, hat and a warm jumper.   We will be spending the entire day out of school visiting Skateland and Gravity.

School Lunches

The last date for school lunches will be Friday December 13.  The first day will be Thursday 13 February 2020.

Stationery for 2020

Next year stationery packs will be available from Paper Plus (Crandall Peters) Picton Street, Howick from Monday 6 January 2020.  Please ask for the pack of the year your child is in.  Stationery lists, for those wishing to get their stationery at other locations, will be available at the office from Tuesday 28 January 2019.

School Office Holiday Hours

School will finish at 12 noon on Friday 20 December and re-open on Monday 3 February 2020.  The office will close at 12.30 p.m. on 20 December and will be open from 9-12 noon from Tuesday 28 January.  Should you wish to contact the school office outside of these times, please leave a message on the answerphone or email and we will get back to you asap.


School Term Dates for 2020

Term 1: Monday 3 February – Wednesday 8 April (Thursday 9 April is a teacher only day)

Term 2: Tuesday 28 April – Thursday 2 July (Friday 3 July is a teacher only day)

Term 3: Monday 20 July – Thursday 24 September (Friday 25 September is a teacher only day)

Term 4: Monday 12 October – Tuesday 15 December


Second Hand Uniform Shop Opening Hours

Our second hand uniform shop will be open during the school holidays on the following days:

Sunday 22 December       2-3.00 p.m.

Monday 27 January          3.30-5.30 p.m.  (Auckland Anniversary)

Tuesday 28 January         3.30-5.30 p.m.

Road Patrollers

Congratulations to our Year 5 students who have trained to be road patrollers in 2020.  We ask that if you are waiting to pick up your child, please do not park over driveways, on yellow lines or double park.  It’s a timely reminder to be extra vigilant crossing the road, and to make sure we all slow down around school.

Have a lovely Christmas and holiday.  We will see you back on the 3rd of February.



Community Notices

2020 Term 1 Wednesday after school art class in Room 4 – also January School Holiday art Program available – Please Enrol Now!  Phone : 027-6555574 (Janet) – E-mail:


SKIDS BUCKLANDS BEACH – We provide before and after school care and holiday programmes.  Morning care is from 7.30-8.30 a.m., after school care from 3.00-6.00 p.m., holiday programme from 7.30 a.m.-6.00 p.m.

For more info please email