Finishing off the Term with Animal Classification booklets:

How’s your radish growing ???

One more week's worth of growth until we see who's seed has sprouted the most!!Can anyone beat mine?... and also... Remember at Christmas the Enviro-group gave all the teachers a wee plant each as a thank you...Here's mine now...

Our trip to Auckland Zoo:

 [WALT] We Are Learning To put animals into their correct classifications by identifying certain physical characteristics. We have learned to classify birds, fish, mammals, vertebrates, invertebrates, insects, amphibians and reptiles.Our trip to the zoo enabled us to think like scientists and

Group Effort Posters:

This term our inquiry topic has revolved around animals - care of, and classification of. 

Representative Shell Art:

Come into class to see what your child said!I think these are lovely and they are all pretty proud of their own too.

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The Swimming is coming along nicely:

We have swimming twice a week. There is a huge range in abilities in the class. Some who won't put their heads under unless coerced, through to those who swim lengths with ease, in squad-like fashion. Everyone is enjoying the

Tread Lightly Caravan:

We thoroughly enjoyed the visit from the van and the staff. Rubbish down the drain is a real pain!!Thank you to the parents who came and helped the students to plant radish seeds.Every student in the school now has their own

Our Poems – By Room 7’s six year olds.:

I see... I think...I wonder...The instructions were:"to look but don't touch and to write about three sentences for each of the sentence starters above.Read aloud and pick the ones that sound good."We are pleased with our results.As they are portrait mounted

Pet Day:

Pet Day was very successful today. Some Room 7 students offered ratings and reasons…Emma gave 9/10 - because there were only 9 dogs.Zac gave 10/10 – because he thinks it should be on every day and then we’d always

Our Pastel Portraits:

We are really proud of these and they get a 'WOW' out of most visitors to Room 7.Sssshhhh!!! don't tell anyone but the secret is...We printed out a very pale photo and then just let our creativity loose on it!!!

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