Our visit to Motat

On Thursday 26 of May we got on the school bus and we arrived at Motat and there was a person named Abby at the gate to meet us.  She said that she would be our guide and the gates

Summer Description

Summer DescriptionI'm standing in a pool of chlorine water That's sloshing all around my floating cocktail That's as red as coral And as healthy as a young man from Hollywood. The hot sun is like a blanket sinking into the

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Cultural Trip

Today some of our Maori and Pasifika students had a special cultural trip to the Highland Park Library.  Staff from the Auckland Museum were there to share songs and information about Matariki and about the Islands.  

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The Beach

The sun is gazing on my legs.The sun is like a thick blanket on my body.It started to get too hot. I decided to to go under a coconut tree so then I could get some shade. It did feel

Mandarin Lessons are going well.

On Tuesdays in Room 7, we have a 30 minute Mandarin lesson with Miss Chen. At the moment we are learning the days of the week and months of the year. We had to work out our own birthday this

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Learning to use Popplet:

Room 7 had a lesson today on using Popplet. If you have an ipad at home, it'd be a great free app to download. Popplet Lite.The best way to reinforce new learning is to have the students teach another how to

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India said, "The Indians use a special powder that has colours to make special patterns. It is called Rangoli. They do fireworks and they bake tasty sweets. They have lights and candles."Nikhil added, " When Indian people get married they

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Rhythm Interactive Show:

Collaboratively we wrote and edited a piece about the show. The UNDERLINED text shows the original piece. We then edited it to add extra information. We are learning to add extra information to our stories.We All of Room Seven all went to

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Mothers Day

  We enjoying making placemats for our Mums' bedside tables. We laminated two of the sheets back-to-back. 

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Room 7’s Radish Winner:

The proud winner with his prize.We had a close second in terms of leaf growth, but it was pretty hard to beat the three bulging-out radishes the size of golf balls!Sure shows the importance of sunlight, fertiliser, watering and repotting!

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