Our Simile Poems. By Room 7’s Year 2 students.

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Poppy Poles by Room 7:

Last term we completed and mounted our poppy poles.They were decided upon after a child walked into a pole and got an egg on his forehead! We decided to do them after Anzac Day so poppies seemed appropriate and we made

Visit To Motat

On Thursday we went to Motat. We had to take a clipboard and 3 pieces of paper to write notes on. We were in groups. Isabella, Bethany and I were in Mulan's group.  Mulan's sister is Sonja.  She was our

Green Day

Last Friday we had a school-wide Green Day as a part of our Enviro-schools Programme. Everyone was allowed to wear green colours to school. We made our Poppy Poles to go on the poles outside our classroom. They are to

How big is your footprint?

The greenhouse causes a lot of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The greenhouse effect  has also caused global warming  around the whole world.More people need to plant more trees and plants to absorb co2.

Science Roadshow 2016

On Monday afternoon the Year 5 students visited the Science Roadshow at Elim College.  We were treated with two presentations, the first of which was the Materials Show which taught us about the burning properties of natural fibres and the

My life as a Tree

My role as a tree is very important to humans. I have to make oxygen for humans and I take part in the water cycle for transpiration. We trees suck up the rain and turn the goodness into our food

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Summer Bunny Haiku

Little bunny in The summer fields amongst the Beautiful flowers 

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Swimming Sports

School Swimming SportsLast Friday we went to the Howick Intermediate pool for our swimming sports. It felt so nice and it felt like jumping into an ice bath as the water rushed through my face.  Everybody in the pool was

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That was Summer

That was Summer Have you ever seen summer? Sure you haveRemember that time when the sun was shining warmAnd you went to the rock beachAnd cooked delicious sausages over the campfire?And you dropped oneThat was summer.Remember that time at Grandma's house?You

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